School Visits by UK
Children's Author
Wolfren Riverstick

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Hello ladies and gentlemen (and, hopefully, children too)!
Thank you for stopping by to pay me a visit here... Perhaps I could return the favour and drop in to your school some day too? If you would like me to do that, I can be reached at the Contact Me link above - it will be nice to hear from you. 


The primary aim of a school visit by Wolfren Riverstick is to encourage reading and writing, to inspire and improve children’s literacy skills. He will also promote most things artistic, such as music, drama and photography. During the visit, Wolfren will showcase his books to the children!


There are so many delightful books for children to read these days, and Wolfren’s being one of them. He is offering schools the opportunity, not just to get to know his books, but also him as the author and individual. You will be captivated by Wolfren’s passion for writing and his lively personality, which helps bring his books to life. Children will also be offered the opportunity to purchase signed copies of Wolfren’s books.


Wolfren has been quoted as being a master storyteller with a sense of humour, as well as being branded an eccentric, colourful, larger than life character – an image he strives to maintain in order to live up to the expectations of his growing number of readers.


During the visit. Wolfren will recall his early days at boarding school where bullying was rife, with a few stories to tell. He has had many varied careers, including his most recent role as an international truck driver.


Wolfren will take his audience through the procedure of publishing a book: from the idea of the book through to the finished product hitting the shelves, including his role of working as a media professional, and how he became a professional writer.


Wolfren’s session will involve plenty of pupil participation, readings from his books and short stories, and if desired a workshop session. He is very flexible, and your requirements can be discussed with Wolfren prior to his visit.


Wolfren’s flamboyant style will captivate children, and they will be thrilled to meet two hand sewn characters, a four-foot tall, puppet, Wonky the Wonder Wolf and his companion Spider Cat. This unlikely pairing is currently being brought to life in the first of a series, telling the tale of the unusual wolf and his equally strange friends.


If you would like to invite Wolfren Riverstick to your school, please contact him:


Telephone: 07814 937542


e-mail: [email protected]


or write to: Wolfren Riverstick

Crazy Wolf Books

1 Waterside



WR11 1BS


Booking fees are fixed at £150 for a full day visit, with travelling and overnight accommodation expenses where appropriate.


Wolfren’s intended reading age is 9-12 year olds. There are no restrictions on attendance numbers.


Please see the FORTHCOMING AUTHOR VISIT form, to be handed to parents prior to Wolfren’s school visit to reserve signed copies of his books.


Wolfren Riverstick is a member of The Society of Authors (although his views are not necessarily those of The Society)


Further details on Wolfren Riverstick can be obtained from his book publishing website: