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Wolfren Riverstick is a children's fantasy story writer from England, who aims to encourage reading and writing, as well as to inspire and improve children’s literacy skills. He also likes to promote most things artistic, such as photography, drama and music. (Find out more at

There are so many delightful books around for children to read nowadays, many of which have been penned in the past two centuries, with Wolfren’s stories heralded as being notable enough to become "classics" according to some.

Wolfren has been quoted as being a master storyteller with a sense of humour, as well as being branded an eccentric, colourful, larger than life character – an image he strives to maintain in order to live up to the expectations of his growing number of readers!

Wolfren’s flamboyant style will captivate children, and they will undoubtedly be thrilled should they ever meet two hand-sewn characters of his, a four-foot-tall, puppet called Wonky the Wonder Wolf and his slightly shorter companion Spider Cat. This unlikely pairing has been brought to life in the first of a series, telling the tale of the unusual wolf and his equally strange friends, under the title 'The Mystery of the Banana Mine'. Meanwhile, a second title in the series, 'On the Trail of Dragons', is currently a work in progress.

This is a book sculpture created by Wolfie, using a tatty demo copy of his book "A Cat Called Ian" for the whole project (the whole point being that all of the printed text used to create said 'sculpture' comes from within the pages of this very copy, which it has). Thus, rather than dispose of the worn-out book, it has been recycled, together with some worn-out guitar strings that have been used for the structure in order to support the frame of the oak tree.

And here is a close-up of 'Ian' from the above sculpture. As you can probably see, the whiskers are actually made from thin wire thread... which was nothing more than cheating and laziness on Wolfie's part in actual fact, because he found it too fiddly trying to utilise very thin strands of paper from the page leaves!

(From readers who were on a now non-existent Harper Collins website called "Authonomy"...)
“Anyone who loves cats would appreciate this book.”

“An interesting concept and a fun book overall! Well written and very different from a lot of children's literature today.”

“As one cat person to another I enjoyed your book. Liked the conversation with Adolf… A moral tale makes a change from all the sci-fi and wizard books flooding the market. I feel that it is ideally suited for young children.”

“You've done a great job presenting this novel A Cat Called Ian.” 

“This is wonderful children's work, neither patronizing nor dull, readers of all ages can be pulled quickly into the world. There's a great blend of typical fantasy and witty realism here, and it's just the kind of thing that appeals to families as a whole.”

“Enchanting characters and a lot of tongue in cheek humour.”

“Nicely written for your intended market.”

“You have written a very funny, and an original and very amusing story for children (and some adults), with excellent feline and canine characters and a host of other interesting pals.”

“What a fascinating tale. I simply loved the idea of the nine lives. You write well and the descriptions of the various cats kept me smiling. Kids will love to hate the boy initially, but soon fall in love with him as a cat. I hope it all turns out well at the end.”

“A good tale for children… Delightfully written with realistic dialogue.”

“Nice one, Wolfren! Really good stuff for the children.”

“This is so very clever and well written… An adorable read, and kids of all ages and adults young-at-heart will love this!”

“This is a great story. I've enjoyed reading it.”


“This is very well written piece. Very creepy, with a good build up.”

“I think you have a wonderful story here and kids are sure to love it. It reminded me a bit of the Philosopher's Stone by... I forget her name, though! This is great and will go far. Brilliant!”

“Great fast moving fun.”

“Wolfren, you have the gift. What engaging language and construction―it bounces along, the reader happily following.” 

“The conversational story tell is so very good. It moves it in a way that almost bumbles along―Very, very good.”

“If Freud had written something like this, more people would be accepting of his analysis.”

“An endearing and very funny book. People should know better than to hold a cheese festival with dream snatchers around. Brilliant!”

“This is the perfect book for everyone! Well written and great cover art too!”

“Oh! Oh! This is wonderful―a beautiful and imaginary story. Your character names remind me of the Water Babies (Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby) with your lovely village of ‘Snoresgently’… I love it all. I would love to read this to my grandchildren. You have created something quite special I’m sure it will do well.”

“I really liked this. I like the fact that you make no explanation for the world you have created in order for me fully understand I need to read on, which I will do. Your voice is clear, original and fun! Don't think I fancy one visiting me in my dreams mind you!”


“That was quite an entertaining read, which I think would appeal well to a young audience. I found it a charming story, and one which would lend itself to one or more sequels."

"You have crafted very endearing characters in Amanda and Skelly that I think most kids will love. Also I think that many children will be able to relate to Amanda's loneliness and therefore will be drawn into the book further. You have developed a unique friendship well and your imaginative writing is sure to appeal to your intended audience.”

“This is written well for the young reader level. Amanda’s reactions to the huge house are amusing and her concern about the creature that she saw would seem right when the place is so large. And it’s ironic that what she finds is more fabulous than the house… I had to jump to Chapter Three and read about Skelly there. The dialogue followed my curiosity; Skelly’s missing spacecraft and his remaining over 25 years begins the plot right away. Amanda is inviting and her perspective on the adult world is too!"

Wolfren Riverstick is a member of The Society of Authors (although his views are not necessarily those of The Society... or anyone else for that matter!)