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Wolfren Riverstick

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I am an indie author who writes for the 9-12 age group, although my stories seem to have also crossed over to an adult readership. To date I have published four books, have a further three penned (two of which are for young adults) and other works in progress also. Hopefully, there will be plenty more ideas to follow.

Now, just because I am an independent author doesn't mean my books aren't any good - and I have been told this by mainstream authors who, incidentally, sometimes publish their own books independently too. I have chosen to take this route for several reasons: a) it is very difficult to find a publisher willing to take on new authors in this day and age, especially when you take into consideration that there are over two million new titles published annually; b) to this end, an author could actually spend their entire life attempting to get a book into print, all to no avail; c) storylines and characters do get plagiarized by agents, publishers and other authors, regardless of what they otherwise say; d) being independent means complete control is in my hands (this can be something of a drawback, in fact, but I shall not go into the matter on here)... to name just a few. Anyway, in short, indie publishing is not for the faint-hearted, as it involves a lot of hard work. There is also a lot of stigma attached to it, unfortunately, mostly based around snobbery; so, if you are still with me at this point, then I thank you. Please read on...

My books have reached several continents and are floating around in various countries of the world, including USA, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, France, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lithuania and Syria. Feedback has been excellent (and still is, I hasten to say), although, of course, my stories will not be to everyone's liking for people have different tastes.

It may be likely that some of my books are being used as door wedges or for propping up that rickety antique table, but they can still be found for sale on the internet from time to time too, and are continuously selling in e-book format for Kindle. Alternatively, they are available through any bookshop or supplier on the planet, for that matter; so, perhaps you could pop out and order a copy (or more) to enable you to judge for yourselves whether my books should be kept on your bookshelf to be read over and over again (as they often are), or used as a doorstop (as they possibly are).

I could even visit your school, library, or author event - together with Wonky the Wonder Wolf and Spider Cat, naturally - but you will need to contact me in order to do this. Therefore, here is my e-mail address so that you can get in touch...

wolfrenriverstick[email protected]

...whereupon, I look forward to hearing from you.

But, if I don't hear from you then I shan't take it to heart, although Wonky and Spider Cat will be very upset and may well pay you a visit simply to sing on your doorstep at some unearthly time of night! They can be slightly appeased, however, by commenting favourably in the "Guestbook" section of this website, for which we thank you in advance.


Alternatively, it is possible to purchase my books by ordering through any bookshop (including Waterstones) anywhere in the world... in theory! They can also be ordered through Amazon or any other online seller, or may be obtained from a handful of bookshops.




1. I did not have a television for 8 years (and now I only watch the occasional movie and that's it).

2. There is always a cat in each of my stories, whether this be as a main character, a cameo role, or just a mention of the word.

3. The words "crimson" and "drawstring" can be found in all of my books... And "nary" often crops up too.

4. My car cost me £150.

5. I do not wear a wig, contrary to popular belief, and my hair is not dyed either!

6. I am also an international truck driver.

7. In the past I held down a job as a welder for more than six months - although I had never actually welded anything before taking on this position, during it, or after.

8. I was once the front end of an elephant in the pantomime Cinderella, for which our acting ability earned us a mention in Stage magazine... And it's name was "Twinkle," incidentally.

9. I can not knit... although I am pretty good at sewing.

10. My full name is: Wolfren Vesuvius Thunderhead Riverstick... And I'm also an Overlord!