School Visits by UK
Children's Author
Wolfren Riverstick

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Originally intended as a mascot, and hand-sewn by me, Wonky was born in February 2008 and made his debut appearance in March of that year. But it seemed that people wanted more than a just a gimmick and they expected an act from me! Well, folks, I have vaguely tried to learn a little ventriloquism but it is one of the most difficult things in the world to do and is a lifetime skill in reality, so you will just have to make do with these videos instead because I'm supposed to be a children's author rather than a puppeteer...


All the same, I have created a companion for Wonky in the form of Spider Cat, who was born in October 2008, and their "act" entails attempting to sing a few old classic songs together (more of which can be found on my Facebook profile, where they even have their own appreciation society). Anyway, I hope you like them - most people do, although some don't like to admit to this!

Both puppets normally accompany me on one of my school visits, incidentally.